Prayer Times

Tue 29th July 2014

Fajr Begins 02:17
Jamat 04:30
Sunrise 05:20
Dhuhr Zawal 13:07
Jamat 13:30
Asr Begins 17:19
Jamat 19:15
Maghrib Begins 20:54
Jamat 20:59
Esha Begins 22:07
Jamat 22:17

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Eid Greetings

The announcement for Eid ul Fitr is subject to the sighting of the moon. We have received news from London Central Mosque that the moon has been sighted and accordance with that, the first day of Shawwaal 1435H, The Day of Eid ul Fitr, will be on Monday 28th July 2014.

Timings for Eid Salah

a The timings for the prayers:

1st Prayer: 6:00 am Maulana Salim Arabic / Urdu
2nd Prayer: 7:00 am Maulana Yusuf Arabic / English
3rd Prayer: 8:00 am Maulana Shu'ayb Arabic / English
4th Prayer: 9:00 am Hafiz Abdul Munem Arabic / Urdu


Guidance & Parking

It is very important to remember that Hendon Mosque is located in a residential area which means that we must take special care to ensure that our Eid does not become a burden on our local community. Please, therefore perform wudu at home. Also note that due to limited space, there are currently no Eid Prayer facilities for sisters at the Mosque.

We also request that you park your car considerately. We have agreed with the council that those attending prayers can park their cars in the Warner Close car park. Vehicles being parked to attend the Mosque should display a note on the dashboard of the vehicle stating that it has been parked 'attending service at Brent View Road Mosque'. Vehicles should also be parked fully within a designated parking place.


Tuesday Islamic Circles

Our regular Tuesday Islamic Circles will be resume after Ramadhan insha'Allah.


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