Prayer Times

Sat 28th February 2015

Fajr Begins 04:58
Jamat 05:45
Sunrise 06:49
Dhuhr Zawal 12:13
Jamat 13:00
Asr Begins 15:03
Jamat 16:00
Maghrib Begins 17:39
Jamat 17:44
Esha Begins 19:30
Jamat 20:00

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You may be aware that, despite the government’s undertaking to protect religious freedom and the right to practice religious slaughter (i.e. without stunning), there are various campaigns against it. The recent BVA e-petition "End non-stun slaughter to promote animal welfare" received over 100,000 signatures and a debate is scheduled in Westminster Hall on Monday 23rd February 2015. 

In order to ensure that our MPs represent the views of their constituents, it is important that we contact them to raise our concerns. This can be done by writing to or emailing them, or arranging to meet with them at a local surgery. The MCB shall circulate a briefing document that can be sent to your MP in due course, but for now we encourage all affiliates and their respective membership to sign the petition entitled Protect religious slaughter in the UK and EU’ created by Br. Mohammed Amin.

Whilst the petition does not close until 30th March, we are aiming to raise over 200,000 signatures by no later than 23rd February 2015 for when the debate is scheduled in Westminster.

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