Prayer Times

Thu 26th May 2016

Fajr Begins 01:24
Jamat 04:00
Sunrise 04:55
Dhuhr Zawal 12:58
Jamat 13:30
Asr Begins 17:16
Jamat 19:30
Maghrib Begins 21:02
Jamat 21:07
Esha Begins 22:10
Jamat 22:20

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You can now donate to Hendon Mosque via SMS.

To donate, please text HMIC20 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070.

If you wish to donate £10, text “HMIC20 £10” to 70070

Take the opportunity this Ramadhan to increase your reward.

For other ways to donate, please call us on 0208 202 3236 or set up a standing order.

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Ramadan Timetable

We are pleased to announce that Hendon Mosque Ramadan timetable can be now accessed online

Announcement for the starting of Ramadan

Hendon Mosque is committed to announcing the start of Ramadan as soon as we hear of the declaration of the sighting of the moon.

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