Prayer Times

Tue 06th December 2016

Fajr Begins 05:48
Jamat 06:30
Sunrise 07:51
Dhuhr Zawal 11:52
Jamat 13:00
Asr Begins 13:36
Jamat 14:30
Maghrib Begins 15:53
Jamat 15:58
Esha Begins 17:55
Jamat 19:30

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Community Action



"On a Sunday 27th November, Hendon Mosque participated in Mitzvah Day to help paint a children's play area in Norwood Nursery at the  Kennedy Leigh Family Centre, Edgeworth Close NW4 4HJ.

Dan Rickman, Executive Director of Mitzvah Day, and  Emma Rickman  coordinating the Mitzvah Day project at the Kennedy Leigh Family Centre had been liaising with our trustee & Interfaith lead Nayim Kadri to see how Hendon Mosque could get involved.

Dan had said: "We are absolutely delighted that you (Hendon Mosque) are joining Emma's Rickman's project. This is one of our flagship projects and therefore we are making sure we have a lot of resource behind it."

In the picture the helpers you see from HENDON MOSQUE were Abdul Gaffar Herwitker & Awaiz Nazir. 

Nayim Kadri said after the event:

"Hendon Mosque were delighted to be part of this years Mitzvah day and this particular project. The Kennedy Leigh Family Centre is on our doorsteps at Hendon Mosque. We are really passionate about working with all  faith groups, coming together to help on local causes."


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