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Tue 11th December 2018

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If you are interested in participating in a project on SUNDAY 18th of November then please contact our Interfaith coordinator NAYIM KADRI on (07967) 023127.


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Foodbank Collection at Hendon Mosque 2018

"Hendon Mosque made announcements during our Friday (Jumma) Prayers for volunteers to come forward to participate for community projects, we were delighted with the response we receive from our congregation.  Many people from our local area and wider, put themselves forward to be part of our team of volunteers. 

As a result  Hendon Mosque undertook two community projects over the weekend of 16th, 17th and 18th of March.  

Feed the Homeless was about collecting non perishable food items over the weekend at Hendon Mosque, to send to external charities like Sufra NW London and Anaya Aid. We collected various items of food, and then packed them into crates and delivered them during the same weekend.  Our  team of volunteers worked in shifts over 2 days. Sunday the 18th was the biggest challenge as snow had settled and the weather conditions were worsening during the afternoon and evening, and temperatures were near freezing.  See pictures below that tell the story.



Also on Sunday 18th March to coincide with Sadaqa day a Jewish-Muslim social action day, Hendon Mosque arranged for a group of sisters to help at the Kennedy Leigh family Care Centre, in Hendon.  Barnet Mayor, Councillor Brian Salinger and Mitzvah Day executive director, Dan Rickman, joined  Norwood service users, Jewish Volunteering Network members and Hendon Mosque congregants to pack items for the Sufra NW London Food Bank.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Hendon Mosque to express my heartfelt thanks to all the brothers and sisters that worked hard to participate in these projects. 

I also take this opportunity to appeal to you, old and young, men, women children to actively participate in community projects with us which impact lives both here in the UK, and abroad.  Over the next 6-12 months we intend to undertaken several charitable project. 

The most upcoming one that we now need your support for is packing medical supplies for Syria. We aim to deliver this inshallah before Ramadan. Also during the month of Ramadan we would like to hold  'The Big Iftar' and invites members of our local community to break fast with us and understand better the virtues of Ramadan. For this we require volunteers in large numbers who can help us in plan and deliver these two projects. I look forward to continued support.

Coordinator for Interfaith
Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre

Ramadan Food Collection 2017

Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre in conjunction with Sufra Food Bank Kitchen NW London, will be collecting items of food (listed below)

The food donations will be used to provide emergency food aid to families in financial crisis living across NW London and surrounding areas. Beneficiaries include refugees and asylum seekers, low-income working families, individuals who are not in receipt of benefits and the disabled, elderly and mentally unwell (as well as their carers).

As a result of yesterday's horrific fire, the survivors of GRENFELL TOWER blaze, West London also NEED your urgent help. Depending on their needs the collection will be distributed to amongst them also.

Anaya Aid and Muslim Aid to name but a few are the charities that are on the ground coordinating the response.

SATURDAY 17 JUNE 2017 (from Asr till late)

So please bring your items of food to Hendon Mosque:

Long-Life Milk



Tinned Kidney Beans

Sugar & Jam

Tinned Sweetcorn & Carrots

Pasta Sauce

Tinned Potatoes, Peas & Tomatoes

Instant Noodles

Tinned Fish

Salt & Pepper

Rice Pudding/Custard


Hand-Wash & Washing Up Liquid

We DO NOT need pasta, baked beans or chick peas

Alhamdullilah you have all been very generous with your help in the past, and inshallah with your help in this blessed month we can reach out to those people and in the areas on our doorstep that need help.

I make duaa that Allah grant you all  and all of you, jazakallah-khair for your efforts and donations.

For more information contact Nayim Kadri on 07967 023 127 or, 160 Pitfield Way, Stonebridge, London, NW10 0PW, Registered Charity No. 1151911


Syria Urgent Appeal 2016

On Friday the 30th and Saturday 31st December 2016, Hendon Mosque in association with Anaya Aid Charity, collected vital life saving aid to send to Syria. 

We have been amazed by our Ummahs overwhelming support and generosity. Our appeal and announcement reached far and wide to places like Leicester, Newcastle and Scotland. Outside the UK received donations and contribution from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Qatar.

Your effort in our 'Syria Aid Appeal' allowed us to achieve the following:

1. A purchase order of £5000 worth of blankets - 500 in total;

2. Just over £7200 in donations; and

3. Two van loads of food Aid 

Our team of external volunteers, who took a day off work to assist, worked all day receiving food items and medical supplies and loading the van. 

Above Nurul Miah & Nayim Kadri with the aid donated


Above Nurul Miah loading the van

Hendon Mosque would like to convey their special thanks to special task force of Brothers - Robani Samad, Tahir Khawaja, Abass Salim & Nurul Miah, for taking time off work and coming all the way from East London to help out. 

Above the team from left to right Tahir Khwaja, Nurul Miah, Robani Samad & Abbas Salim


Above the team with Br Raffi from Anaya.

The team waited till after Asr salaat, after which we then went to the Anaya Aid warehouse in Harlesden ( 

The team off-loaded the van and met the Anaya Aid team & their volunteers. 

We saw at first hand their hard work and dedication. A round the clock operation of packing items and getting it ready for the container for shipment. 

One of the priorities this winter is to help those in Syria to keep warm. Winter will make an already unbearable situation even worse. Hendon Mosque ordered 500 blankets for Anaya Aid to send in their container travelling out on the 3rd January. On Sunday I took along a member of our congregation Brother Anisur Rehman to their West London warehouse, where he presented our consignment of blankets to Anaya Aid branch manager Br Usman.

Br Anisur Rehman delivering a consignment to Br Usman. 

Br Anisur Rehman saw for himself the immense task of packing the aid by volunteers at the warehouse. 

Please make duaa for all the volunteers that have helped and especially those dedicated personnel volunteering at Anaya Aid Charity warehouse, who are working tirelessly everyday to pack and send Aid to Syria on a daily basis. We pray that Allah grant them and all of you, jazakallah khair for your efforts and donations. 

I will inshallah make further appeals for aid to send to Syria in due course. The next shipment consignment will be in mid January, where I plan to send a further consignment of blankets and clothes. Please check for updates at the Hendon Mosque website,



Nayim Kadri

On behalf of Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre.


Mitzvah Day 2016

Community Action

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Extracted from Sufra Newsletter

July 2016

"The crescent moon has emerged over the horizon, marking the end of Ramadan. Over the last month, the local Muslim community have set a record - collecting 10,813kg of food.

With more than 50% of donations arriving just last weekend, it has not been easy. Yesterday I had to wade through bags of rice and boxes of instant noodles to reach the back of our warehouse where I found Karlem snoozing against a tower of toilet rolls. I was not amused.
Despite the long and arduous fasts, volunteers at local mosques have been working round the clock to manage the flow of food donations. 
Asif took annual leave to oversee our collection at Harrow Mosque, working alongside Tanzeel, Tamim, Said and Ahmer, well into the early hours of the morning. At Hendon Mosque, Nayim managed our biggest one-day collection ever and Shaahid, once again, personally took charge of collections at Stanmore Mosque, distributing empty boxes for the congregation to fill and return. And when our strong-man Fahim got injured carrying some precariously packed crates of food (I’m not pointing fingers, but you know who you are), Javid and his red van came to the rescue. All the while Abdulkarim and Osman have been weighing donations and stacking shelves daily. 
I’m also very grateful to the many individuals and families who visited Sufra NW London in the last few weeks to drop off their food donations.
On behalf of Sufra NW London, I would like extend our warmest wishes and prayers to the Muslim community on the festival of Eid al-Fitr."

Helping the Homeless

Sufra Food Bank and Colindale Food Bank

Hendon Mosque has been working hard this winter to help the homeless and needy with two well known and respected charity partners. We are pleased to announce that this years campaigns were a huge success and we would like to extend our thanks to all those involved.

Below is attached a report by Br. Nayim Kadri who has been managing both campaigns.


As Sufra Food Bank & Kitchen

AsSufraHendon Mosque & Islamic Centre began working with As-Sufra Food Bank & Kitchen, a charity operating in NW London, last year. Based in the London Borough of Brent, they support local disadvantages families who are suffering from food poverty, due to the current economic climate.

This year, as the cold set in, we started preparing to kick start this year’s campaign. Abdul Gaffar and I arranged transport to collect empty crates which would contain the food parcels. The crates were collected on Wednesday evening.

We began collecting on Friday 20th November until Sunday 22nd November. During this short window, the Muslim community of Hendon and surrounding areas had managed to fill up many crates.

Sincere thanks to those who stayed at the mosque in order to receive the donations, Special thanks to Br. Mushtaq Rehman, who emptied his busy schedule to sacrifice it for this noble cause for the whole of Sunday. He, along with his small team were responsible for the collection and packing of all the crates, which were taken to the Food bank on Sunday evening.

Even after the deadline, we have still been getting donations and these too will be sent to the foodbank.


Mitzvah Day - Colindale Food Bank & Various Night Shelters

We are pleased to have been part of a joint-venture with our colleagues from Hendon Reform Synagogue and Hendon Jesus House for a food collection drive for Mitzvah Day.

This year’s drive was planned outside Tesco Superstore in Brent Cross to collect items of food donated by Tesco customers on Sunday 22 November from 11 am to 5:15pm.

Whilst standing outside Tesco’s, we were joined by our Local Councillors from the Barnet, Hendon and East Finchley Ward who helped in the project on the day. 

The morning slot was covered by Br. Jabbaar Naziri and Br. SM Kadri who did an astounding job, handing out leaflets and speaking to shoppers from 11am unit 1pm.

The afternoon slot was a hectic and busy slot which could not have been managed without the help of my wife, Sufia Kadri and two sisters, Sabreen Naziri  and Aisha Sheikh. Once again, their invaluable support cannot be understated, having collected 30 crates of food in a two hour slot.

Joining me for the final slot was my long time mentor and youth teacher, Br. Mansoor Faki. Whilst doing our duty, the time for the call for prayer for Maghreb fell during his shift. There could not be a better way to exemplify the faith, to our colleagues from the Christian and Jewish communities.  He placed some cardboards on the floor in order to offer prayers, ready to go down in prostration to Allah. What better example of inter faith during a social action day for Mitzvah day. Even when helping in a needy cause for others, it is necessary stop to remember your Lord. 
Overall We collected outside Tesco's a whole van worth of food ......nearly  50 boxes! Subhanallah!

Mitzvah day outside Tesco's between three communities was a huge success. None of that would have been possible if it was not for one person, who has helped me in bringing the three faith communities together. Valerie Boyd Hellner from Hendon Reform synagogue is a shining beacon of light for our communities. She was there from the morning, right the way through till the evening, standing on her feet organising, collating, coordinating and making sure that all volunteers were made welcome and felt at home....truly a remarkable lady!

We are proud to have been a part of this multi-faith team, working to make our community better, together.